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  • 이니셜: CHERIE
  • 신장: 169cm
  • 직업: 이외직업



   Hi,I'm Cherie ,a 19-year-old student currently studying in a Chinese senior  middle school. I am preparing for theChinese college entrance examination .However,I've always had a dream of  an  
actress. As a resrult,I'm coming to follow my heart.
   I have no acting experience,but Ibelieve this is my  advantage.I'm not a celebrity,just a pure and  weirg girl,who is crazy about imitating comedy .On the other hand ,I am good at singing and dunce,especially pop music, jazz and Cinese traditional dance--shuixiu.Besides that, I do well in Chinese calligraphy ang basketball.
   Exuberance,humour,intelligent,with a lieele freckle-faced image of innocence.This is me,but not all of me.